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We believe this is one of the most life-enhancing products Trimm International, Inc. currently offers. Based on the Trimm Life Empowerment Model©, the program offers practical insights to help you maximize your potential every single day.

The Life Empowerment Program© delivers wisdom, inspiration, and proven strategies to your email inbox every day. Each day you will receive a link to access the daily video lesson and downloadable learning materials You will be challenged and encouraged as you enjoy a daily dose of life empowerment!

The Life Empowerment Model© is comprised of four key components – what we call the “Four Pillars of Empowerment” – or simply, the Core Four. These building blocks of empowerment begin with “Self-Knowledge,” upon which you build “Success Skills,” so you can broaden your “Significance,” which empowers you to become a “Servant Leader” who influences the world for good. 

As you learn from Dr. Trimm and her team, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your unique identity, develop skills to thrive professionally, increase your influence and earning power, and discover how to make a lasting difference in your community.

Whether you are a leader in business, government, ministry, or on the domestic front, the Life Empowerment Program will empower you to live with greater peace, influence, and success.

Why wait? Live your most empowered life starting today!

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